KOM BERLIN 4.-5. Sep 2021

A Weekend full of Climbing and Community! KOM BERLIN is where GRAVEL, MTB and CX riders meet – even the sprinters. Now it’s getting serious – KOM is back for a whole weekend!

This year KOM BERLIN  again invites everyone to climb the Arkenberge, the highest point in Berlin, for Team Everesting, the Arkenberger Crit and two new events on Saturday. Read on for more info!

Around 35 Teams (max. 4 riders) ride simultaneously to be the first Team to reach the 8.848 meters of Mt. Everest in Sudden-Death mode. It’s over when the first team summits!

The prize? 800 Euros to party with after.

There will also be lap primes to keep things lively.

For your best chance to win, secure pole position with your placing on Saturday’s Fastest Lap!

 KOM in crit-style with cash prizes! 2x 30min qualifier heats, then the 1-hour final held after the finish of Team Everesting. 

That’s right: 1.000 € Prize money for the fastest 10 Men + Women!  2.000 € in total!
(1. Platz: 500 / 2. Platz: 200 / 3. Platz: 100 / 4. Platz: 50 / 5. Platz: 50 / 
6. Platz: 30 / 7. Platz: 30 / 8. Platz 20 / 9. Platz: 10 / 10. Platz: 10)

Six hours to see how high you can climb. And while you’re at it, try for your fastest lap! Placings will determine the start places for Sunday’s Team Everesting and Arkenberger Crit qualifications.

Fastest Lap ends with “Ein Mal hoch!” (one time up), a timed hill climb up the shortest distance to the top. Here it’s all about power, but also, we needed to find a way to get you up top to chill and watch the sun go down!

This gravel climbing spectacle takes place again on the Arkenberge, which at 121.9 meters, are the highest point in Berlin.  In good weather, the Arkenberge offer fantastic views of Berlin and Brandenburg. And what’s even more important: the Arkenberge is a private event area and therefore perfect for a social-distancing-compliant and safe cycling event.

Location: Strasse nach Arkenberge 82, 13127 Berlin

Attention! DON’T FOLLOW GOOGLE MAPS! Drive out of Pankow to the start of Schönerlinder Str. and just before the Autobahn, turn left on the “Strasse nach Arkenberge”. 

Follow it around past the lake and turn left at the sign for the HEIM Deponie. Parking is available on-site! If you need parking, send a mail to info@komberlin.com and we’ll sort you out.

Weekend Schedule

Venue Opens / Rider Number Pick-Up
Start: Fastest Lap
Start: Ein mal Hoch!
Summit Sundown Beerfest
19:00 - ??
Arkenberger Crit Qualifiers 30min, 2 heats
Team Everesting
Finals - Arkenberger Crit
Awards Ceremony for All Events

Prices 2021

This year KOM is proud to support young riders with 75% off for riders under 25.

Please note: prices go up after 1 August.

Weekend Ticket: 80 euros (100€ after 1. August!)

Young Rider Ticket: 20 euros (25 Years or younger, 40€ after 1 August) 

Supporter:  10€/per day



  • Observe common-sense social distancing!
  • Wear a mask when in close contact with others in a closed space

Ride Rules

  • The course may only be ridden clockwise. Any u-turns or counterclockwise riding is an immediate disqualification. If you drop something, dismount your bike to retrieve it.
  • Each rider must wear a helmet
  • If you have a technical issue and need to return to the start, you must walk the entire remainder of the course in a clockwise direction.
  • The approaches to peak 1 and 2 are segments with two-way traffic. The rider riding uphill has the right-of-way.
  • To peak 2, the traffic direction changes – ride on the left.
  • Control your speed on descents to your current level of expertise.
  • Ride only on the marked course – no shortcuts.
  • Treat all riders with respect and good sportsmanship, this is a fun event!

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Special note to licensed racers – This event is an unregulated gravel event, you are allowed to participate without worry of violating BDR or other Federation rules.

2020 Results here: