16 SEPT 2023


Want to get high? KOM BERLIN is a climbing event for Gravel, MTB and CX bikes at the Arkenberge, the highest point in Berlin, over a 3,3km mostly-uphill gravel circuit. Each lap nets 82m altitude and is open to amateur cyclists of all ages.


It’s like Tour de France. Only closer and fewer helicopters. Witness this spectacle of endless elevation with beer, music and nice people for a guaranteed good time. Bring family and friends and make a day out of KOM Berlin!


Ultra Distance meets KOM with ULTRA KOM. Solo riders can attempt to ride the 8848m of Mt Everest! All riders who complete at least 4424m will enter the everesting.com hall of fame. You have 24 hours to try, and sleeping is not allowed.

A full everesting is 104 laps (343km). The current record, set in 2021 by Florian Speicher, is 85 laps. Will anyone ever reach the top of this mountain? We don’t think so, but whoever is either the first to do it, or does the most laps, will be this years’ Ultra KOM champion.

Don’t think you can do it? No problem! You can start this challenge any time within the 24 hours and try and see how high you can get. Feldberg? Puig Major? Alpe d’Huez? You decide!

By Team Everesting, teams of 1-4 riders ride simultaneously to be the first to reach the 8.848 meters of Mt. Everest. This is Sudden-Death mode: it’s over when the first team summits! This should take about 4 hours.  Team apparel is encouraged! 

Arkenberger Crit is KOM in crit-style! This 1-hour race will be held after the finish of Team Everesting. Fast and fun, but also a good option for those who like it short and sweet.

Racers take note: This is the unofficial Berlin Mountain Cycling Championships!

All riders and spectators are welcome to a “just for fun” race to the top. 


FRIDAY 15.09.
Registration open
Registration open
Start Team Everesting
Start Arkenberger Crit
Start Ein Mal hoch!


KOM Berlin this year costs 30€ for Team and Crit

U25 riders born 1998 and after ride for FREE

Go register! Click here

Food + Drink

As always, there will be good food for fair prices with options for vegans and non-alcoholics.

Rider Rules

  • The course may only be ridden clockwise. Any u-turns or counterclockwise riding is an immediate disqualification. If you drop something, dismount your bike to retrieve it.
  • Each rider must wear a helmet
  • Ultra KOM riders must come equipped with bike lights of good quality.
  • Bring extra brake pads, you might need them!
  • If you have a technical issue and need to return to the start, you must walk the entire remainder of the course in a clockwise direction.
  • The approaches to peak 1 and 2 are segments with two-way traffic. The rider riding uphill has the right-of-way.
  • To peak 2, the traffic direction changes – ride on the left.
  • Control your speed on descents to your current level of expertise.
  • Ride only on the marked course – no shortcuts.
  • Treat all riders with respect and good sportsmanship, this is a fun event!

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This gravel climbing spectacle will once again take place at the Arkenberge, Berlin’s highest point at 121,9 metres. Weather permitting, the Arkenberge offers fantastic views of Berlin and the surrounding Brandenburg, with fresh air, nature and plenty of open space. Even more importantly, the Arkenberge is an ideal venue for a legendary cycling event. There is even swimming for those who fancy a splash in the lake, weather permitting 😉

 Strasse nach Arkenberge 82, 13127 Berlin

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